travel FAQ

frequently asked questions about travel jobs

What is the average length of an assignment?
The average length of an assignment is 13 weeks; however assignments range from as short as 4 weeks and up 26 weeks. It is often possible to extend your assignment if you are still exploring your current travel location. Over 70% of our travelers extend their assignments!

How do I get started with Randstad Healthcare?

The first step to get started and have your file submitted for future jobs is to complete our online application.  You can also email your resume to or call 855-552-1956 to speak to a Recruitment Specialist. Once your application has been received and reviewed and you are accepted into our program, we will send you an acceptance letter and a package of information to get started.

How quickly can I begin working?
Once we have received and processed your application, we're ready when you are! It's really up to you how quickly you want to start an assignment.

What are your pay rates?
Randstad Healthcare offers competitive pay rates for all professions.  Rates will vary based on your specialty, experience and assignment location. Please contact a Recruitment Specialist for more information on pay rates in the cities you are interested in.

Where are your assignments located?
Randstad Healthcare has travel nursing jobs and travel allied health jobs in all 50 states. 

In what types of facilities would I be working?
Randstad Healthcare will provide you with access to thousands of travel nursing jobs and travel allied health jobs nationwide. Positions are available in a variety of clinical settings ranging from some of the largest, most prestigious teaching hospitals to rural medical centers, clinics, physicians groups, Insurance companies, and more.

frequently asked questions about housing

Do I have to pay for private housing?
Not with Randstad Healthcare! Our standard housing package includes a free, private, one-bedroom, furnished apartment on every assignment. We pay the rent, security deposits and basic utilities so that all you are responsible for is your telephone, internet, and cable TV costs.

What is the housing like?
Regardless of location or start date, you can rest assured that Randstad Healthcare will provide you with the best possible housing available. Our in-house Housing Department will go out of their way to ensure that when you travel with Randstad Healthcare, your housing is a home away from home. We offer free, quality accommodations in safe, comfortable, attractive neighborhoods, within a reasonable commute to your place of work. We ensure that your housing is furnished to suit your lifestyle and arrange for your furniture delivery and utility setup.

What if I provide my own housing?
Should you choose to forgo Randstad Healthcare’s free housing, you would then qualify for a housing subsidy. The amount of the subsidy is based on your assignment location.

Can I bring a pet with me?
Most assignment locations offer housing that will accommodate cats and small dogs. Large dogs can be accommodated but may limit your options somewhat. Be sure to inform your Recruitment Specialist if you intend to bring a pet. Also, please be aware that most apartment complexes will charge the traveler a special security deposit and/or pet fee.

Can I bring a friend or family member(s) to live with me in Randstad Healthcare Housing?
Certainly! You can bring up to one person to share your one bedroom apartment at no cost to you. Should you wish to bring more than one person, or prefer a 2+ bedroom apartment, you can simply pay the difference between the larger apartment and the standard one bedroom apartment that we provide.

frequently asked questions about travel benefits

What benefits do you offer?
Randstad Healthcare has designed a benefits package with your needs in mind and based on years of feedback from satisfied travelers. We constantly evaluate traveler satisfaction with our benefits package and make changes as needed to make sure our package is one of the best in the industry. Our benefits include free single coverage health insurance from day one, free private housing, bonuses, 401K, free unlimited CEUs and much more.

What if I decline any health insurance benefits?
Randstad Healthcare will increase your hourly pay rate by $1.00 for your assignment.

Do you offer bonuses?
Yes!  Randstad Healthcare offers extension, completion, and referral bonuses on many of our travel assignments.

Do you offer 401(k)?
Yes! Candidates are enrolled in the Randstad 401K retirement plan, with company match, after completing 500 hours.

frequently asked questions about payroll

How often will I be paid?
Randstad Healthcare travelers are paid weekly, with very few exceptions where the assignments pay on a bi-weekly basis.  Candidates can enroll in direct deposit or have your pay deposited onto a pay card for immediate access to your money.

Does Randstad Healthcare pay employer-related taxes?
Yes, Randstad Healthcare will deduct Federal, FICA, and any applicable state and local withholding taxes from your paycheck.