locum tenens jobs

locum tenens jobs

A locum tenens job is a temporary work opportunity in which a doctor works in the place of a staff physician when that physician is absent. Locum tenens physicians allow facilities to maintain revenue and deliver the high level of service that patients have come to expect. A locum tenens job could be full-time or part-time, for a day, weekend, several months, or even years. The average locum tenens assignment lasts three weeks. Government locum tenens coverage periods could run for longer terms of 1-5 years dependent on the type of assignment.

Locum tenens jobs are ideal at any stage of your career:

  • Residents can work moonlighting or weekend shifts to earn extra income
  • Once graduated, you can gain experience by working locum tenens assignments in different practice settings, or use your locum tenens positions to find a facility to work in before you commit to a full-time position
  • Throughout your career, working locum tenens is a great option to learn new skills or to take advantage of travel opportunities
  • Many physicians never consider working locum tenens assignments during their vacation time. Vacation locum assignments offer many benefits, including being paid double-time, as well as having the opportunity to experience different practice settings
  • When you are nearing retirement, working locum tenens can reduce your hours while still maintaining your skills and professional standing. 

who works locum tenens?

There is no "typical" locum tenens physician. A physician of any age or specialty may choose to work locum tenens. More and more physicians are making locum tenens a career choice based on the simple fact that you can choose where, when, and how you want to work. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of locum tenens work, call Randstad Healthcare today at 855-552-1956 or request locum tenens information online.

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