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Randstad's partnership with VSO

VSO and RandstadRandstad has a deeply rooted sense of corporate social responsibility. Over time, Randstad looked at ways our activities could further benefit societies in a broader and more meaningful context. One way to do this was by matching our social principles to our business principles. Our core capability is matching people’s talents and clients’ needs while boasting longstanding relationships. Being the second largest staffing provider in the world, we use our core competencies and our network of clients and candidates to support charitable causes. In the spirit of this, Randstad partnered with VSO — Voluntary Service Overseas — the world’s leading international development organization that places volunteers in developing countries in order to make a difference in the fight against poverty.

Because our employees and clients are not only talented but also very giving, we’ve brought the VSO vision to the American healthcare community.  Launching a program that offers corporate social responsibility resources to healthcare professionals interested in volunteering their time and clinical skills to those in need, Randstad Healthcare has proudly been the liaison for the United States and VSO.

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If you're looking to give back to a greater cause, why not volunteer your clinical services to VSO? Each year, hundreds of people complete rewarding placements as VSO volunteers in over 30 developing countries.

Healthcare volunteers can spend between 6-12 months, or more, working shoulder-to-shoulder with local people to improve healthcare and act as clinical mentors. Randstad Healthcare will see you through the entire application and placement process with VSO, mentoring you along the way to ensure the trip is all that you hoped it would be and more. While on assignment, VSO will provide you with local housing and allowances, and when you return home, Randstad Healthcare will be here to help you find a position stateside. 

In general candidates should:

  • Be aged 23-68 years old
  • Be prepared to work abroad for up to two years, although shorter assignments are available
  • Be willing to work for a local allowance
  • Have a higher vocational education diploma or university degree
  • Have at least three years relevant clinical experience

If you are interested in exploring missionary work through Randstad Healthcare and VSO, please email us at

about VSO's health work

VSO — Voluntary Service Overseas — is the world’s leading international development organization that places volunteers in developing countries in order to make a difference in the fight against poverty. VSO volunteers share skills and knowledge with a community that will live on long after they’ve been there, while also learning from peers in developing countries and gaining knowledge that they can build upon and share when they return home.

Established in 1958, VSO has sent over 43,000 volunteers to work in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and Latin America. Right now, VSO has over 1,500 volunteers working with local partner organizations in 42 countries.

VSO’s 10 dedicated health programs, 18 HIV and AIDS programs, and 13 disability programs are making significant contributions towards improving the health of people in developing countries. Over 120 healthcare volunteers, including doctors, nurses, community health workers, and other professionals are currently delivering VSO’s health programs.

In developing countries, a single healthcare professional volunteering their time can make an impact that reverberates throughout a community for generations. For many healthcare professionals, working and socializing alongside people of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs offers a new perspective, furnishing them with a new outlook and skill set that they can draw upon when they return to their daily job. For many, it’s an inspiring proposition.

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"The aim of VSO’s health work is to support the development of stronger, more inclusive and accessible health systems so that the poorest and most vulnerable populations in the countries in which VSO works can realize their right to health."

—VSO International
healthcare missionary work with VSO