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physician client - policies and procedures

The Client Agreement incorporates our Policies and Procedures by reference. It explains important aspects of the Agreement. You may access it by clicking this link.

Policies and Procedures, dated April 2, 2012 

The Client's Guide
Randstad Healthcare's Physician Staffing division was proud to be awarded the Joint Commission Health Care Staffing Services certification in June 2008. The certification reflects our continuing commitment to place with you Practitioners having the tools necessary to maintain the high standard of professionalism and patient care your facility provides.

The Client's Guide offers important information to facilitate the completion of successful locum tenens assignments and contains information we need to provide for compliance with Joint Commission standards.

Randstad Healthcare Client’s Guide, dated April 2, 2012

Each facility should provide an orientation to Practitioners we place on assignment, so the Practitioner understands your policies and procedures. We recommend the orientation cover at least the following topics suggested by the Joint Commission:

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Infection Control and Hand Hygiene
Bloodborne Pathogens
Cultural Concerns in Patient Care
Ethics of Care, Treatment, and Services
Patient Abuse and Neglect Reporting
Patient Rights
Patient Safety

The Client’s Guide also contains in Appendix 1 a Job Description Checklist to assist in developing the requirements for the positions you ask us to fill. Providing us this information will enable us to understand all your criteria and find a fully qualified Practitioner. We are also providing it here in electronic format for your convenience. Job Description Checklist