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Top 5 Reasons to Take a Travel Job

September 1, 2011
By:  Brice Waldron, Recruitment Specialist

1. See locations you've never been to before:
Traveling can be quite adventurous, allowing you to experience and explore different locations across the US, from the Mountains in Washington to the costal plains in Maine. Each state has something to offer in its own unique way that is sure to provide memories a traveler will never forget.

2. Build your resume:
Traveling allows you to work in different hospital settings, large and small, and provides the opportunity to work at some of the most world renowned magnet facilities in the world, such as John Hopkins, Boston Children’s, Dartmouth, and Duke. By having these types of hospitals on your resume it opens doors for other travel opportunities or permanent positions.

3. Make more Money:
Travel pay is lucrative, providing the opportunity for nurses to make more per hour or take home than what they might get in a perm job. The benefit for traveling is that travelers can qualify for tax free per diems (meals and incidentals and housing stipend) in addition to their hourly rate. A benefit that a staff employee would not be qualified for. The IRS says that anyone traveling a great distance from their home is able to receive tax free per diems, if they qualify, in addition to their hourly rate.

4. Flexibility:
With traveling comes many perks, one of which is having the flexibility of time off. A traveler is able to decide how much time off they want to take between assignments. After an assignment ends the traveler can take up to 4 weeks off and still be covered by health insurance, but has the option of course to take more time off without coverage, if they choose. This allows the traveler to go on vacations, go back home to see family or take much needed personal time off.

5. Meet new people:
Traveling provides the opportunity to meet new people, build new relationships and future friendships. The travel world is a tight knit community where everyone seems to stick together and bond together on assignments....even if they do not know one another. Many friendships form on travel assignment and last for years to come…some have even turned into long lasting marriages too!