travel nursing commitment

Your Travel Nursing Commitment Means Everything

July 7, 2011
By:  Amanda Belloff, Senior Recruitment Specialist

I decided to write on the above topic because I have recently had travelers back out of their confirmed assignment, even after they have given me their commitment (both verbally and written). So given my recent rash of cancellations, I wanted to give a brief run-down of what actually occurs once a traveler confirms an assignment with his/her recruiter.

As you know, today’s travel market is fiercely competitive. So, often times, you may be up against 20 other candidates for just one open position. Therefore, you are golden if you actually land an interview and, better yet, get the job offer! Once that offer is made, the Manager holds off on calling any other candidates for interviews until he/she gets an answer back on whether or not you have accepted the offered position. And then, once the Manager does get that confirmation from your travel agency, they remove the open job request and turn away all other interested travelers. In addition, they work on setting you up for orientation and add you to the schedule. Your travel company then begins to secure housing for you (if applicable) and sets you up with the new-hire paperwork, etc. There is a lot that comes into play once an assignment is confirmed, and people are counting on you, so be sure that you are 110% on board with the job when you give your verbal commitment.

Some ways to prevent a cancellation is to only submit to positions that you know you will accept if you receive a job offer. Don’t submit unless you know that it is truly a job/area that you will consider. In addition, be sure that your Recruiter gives you all of the details up front about the position, before you give your verbal commitment. If you have questions or reservations, then ASK! It is better to turn down an offer ahead of time, then to back out after the agency has already confirmed you with the Manager and the hospital. Understandably, there are things that sometimes come up that we cannot plan for, but for the most part, be as professional as possible, and follow through with your commitment.