making the most of free CEU's

Making the Most of FREE Continuing Education Credits

By: Shambra Speckmiear, Recruitment Manager, Clinical One

After working very hard to get your RN, it is important to keep up to date in a field that is constantly developing at a rapid pace. New drugs come out, more high tech treatments and devices appear in your workplace, and your already full brain tries desperately to keep up. Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are one way to keep your knowledge base current, and Clinical One offers free CEU’s to all placed candidates, so please make sure you are taking advantage of this excellent benefit.

With over 550 online courses to choose from, you can complete an unlimited amount of CEU’s at your convenience, right from your sofa in your pajamas and bunny slippers. Signing up for CEU’s is very simple! Once you begin your assignment, call us at 800-919-9100 or email and request to be enrolled or click here to download instructions.

Here are some basic suggestions to help you determine what courses are right for you:

Developing your Career - Below are some topics that may help you along your career path.

  • Improving Your Ability to Think Critically
  • Interviewing for Career Advancement
  • Keeping Colleagues – Nurse Retention is Everyone’s Responsibility
  • Novice to Expert – Through the Stages to Success in Nursing
  • Precepting – The Chance to Shape Nursing’s Future

Consider Social Trends
– Help prepare for the future needs of the industry
  • Facebook – Know the Policy Before Posting
  • From ‘Distress’ to ‘De-Stress’ With Stress Management
  • Sports-Related Concussions – Tackling a Growing Trend
  • Don’t Worry;, Be Happy! Harmonize Diversity Through Personality Sensitivity
  • Bridging the Generation Gaps

Read the Current Events
– By browsing the headlines you can learn more about hot topics in the industry
  • The Healthcare Reform Act – What it Means for Nurses
  • Nursing Informatics – Leveraging Technology to Improve Patient Care
  • Genetics – Soon to Be Part of Nursing Practice
  • Document it Right – A Nurse’s Guide to Charting + Would Your Charting Stand up to Scrutiny?
  • For a Healthy Environment, Nurses and Hospitals Have to Go Greener

Often times CEU’s are viewed as burdensome, but many courses can be fun, while also fulfilling their purpose of ensuring you are up to date on how to be the best nurse you can be. If you are already placed with Clinical One, then please reach out to us so that we can send your log-in information. If you are not placed with Clinical One, then call your recruiter today so that we can assist you in finding an exciting assignment!