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Interviewing 101: Tips & Tricks To Get You The Job You Want!

May 5, 2011
By:  Jillian Tardif, Team Leader, National Accounts Recruitment Division

We all know the job market is very competitive out there, which is why interviewing well is so critical. Interviewing can be a very scary thing, which is why preparing properly is key. It is very common for Hiring Managers to get flooded with anywhere from 25-100+ resumes for one single opening, therefore you want to ensure you stand out among the rest of the pack. The following are some important tips to keep in mind while preparing for either a phone or an in-person interview.

Take Notes!
Write down key names, position information, start date, shift, etc.

Be available
(phone interviews only!) Ensure you stay close to the phone while you are waiting for the interviewer to call you. If they cannot reach you, they may call another qualified candidate instead of leaving you a message.

Ask questions!
Prepare a list of questions prior to the interview. Hopefully, most of your questions will be answered during the interview. If not, you will have your list ready to go! You always want to end the interview with all of your questions answered.

Be confident!
Sell yourself and speak of your experience. Remember to be flexible, professional and personable so that you stand out from other qualified candidates. You will need to think on your feet. Making eye contact (for in-person interviews) communicates to the interviewer that you are engaged and interested. Make sure you compliment or mention something positive or interesting you heard about the facility from the news, the Intranet, or from other healthcare professionals who have worked there. Always check out the facility's website before interviewing so you have key information to reference to illustrate you have done your homework.

Roll with the punches!
You may have an idea of what the interview will be like but keep in mind it may not go as planned. Most interviewers are in a management role; therefore they are juggling a lot of tasks. Due to this, they may come across as having limited time to talk, but that does not mean they would be a bad person to work with or it would not be a good department. Let the interview take its course. We recommend you keep an open mind and remember, you are not the only professional interviewing for the position!

Special requests!
If you have any pre-planned vacations or time you must take off, please ensure you inform the interviewer during the actual interview of the specific dates and obtain their approval at that time.

Ask about the work and what role they see you playing.
Even though you may already know what the job entails, it is always good to ask about the role as it shows interest. Many Hiring Managers have rejected candidates for not asking questions or who seem disengaged.

Describe your skills as it relates to the assignment at hand.
Stay away from inappropriate work. Give details regarding skills and make sure you highlight recent accomplishments and/or awards!

Make sure to ask the following questions to close the interview:
Do you feel I qualify for your position based on what we’ve discussed? Are there any questions regarding my skills that you still have? I’m very interested and would be honored to be a part of the team; I hope you will consider me favorably.

Next Steps.
Finally, make sure you ask them what the next step will be and how soon they plan to make a decision. This will make the waiting game a little easier on you.

These tips seem rather obvious, but they are quite often overlooked. Remember, even if a Hiring Manager is hard to read or “poker faced”, that does not mean you are not in the running for getting the job. By following these tips, you will have a less stressful interview and make yourself stand out among the other candidates vying for the same job! Happy hunting!