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Comparing Apples to Apples: Understanding Your Travel Nursing Pay Stub
By: Alison Radcliffe, Recruitment Manager
As a travel nurse, you have options. Not just where you work but who you work for which can be overwhelming, and potentially get very confusing if you are hearing from more than one recruiter/company. It’s important that you keep the facts straight and make sure when you are job hunting and potentially comparing pay packages, that you are comparing apples to apples and asking questions!

Top 5 Reasons to Take a Travel Job
By: Brice Waldron, Recruitment Specialist
Travel nurses decide to travel for many reasons: pay, adventure, friendship, resume builder, etc. Here are our top 5 reasons to take a travel nursing job!

Your Travel Nursing Commitment Means Everything
By: Amanda Belloff, Senior Recruitment Specialist
As you know, today’s travel market is fiercely competitive. Often times, you may be up against 20 other candidates for just one open position. Therefore, you are golden if you actually land an interview and, better yet, get the job offer! Once that offer is made and you commit to the assignment, it’s important that you keep that commitment. This month’s blog discusses what actually occurs once a traveler confirms an assignment with his/her recruiter.

Interview Tips and Tricks
By: Jillian Tarfif, Team Leader, National Accounts Recruitment Division
We all know the job market is very competitive out there, which is why interviewing well is so critical. Interviewing can be a very scary thing, which is why preparing properly is key. It is very common for Hiring Managers to get flooded with anywhere from 25-100+ resumes for one single opening, therefore you want to ensure you stand out among the rest of the pack. This article offers some important tips to keep in mind while preparing for either a phone or an in-person interview.

What to Look For in Your First Travel Assignment?
By: Allison Erwin, Recruitment Specialist
As you begin gathering information on travel nursing opportunities you may find yourself wondering where to begin and what to look for in your first travel nursing job. There are a few things you want to look into as you begin your career as a travel nurse, such as what company is the best fit, what locations you are open to, and what facilities would be the best fit for you.

Tips and Advice for Traveling with a Pet
By: Michelle Bogner, Recruitment Specialist
If you are a travel nurse, you know that a lot of planning and preparing goes into making sure you have a successful assignment. When you throw a pet (or two) into the mix, there's a lot more to think about...but a lot more fun as well! Here are nine quick tips for hitting the road with your pet.

Having the Right Mindset as a Travel Nurse
By: Lindsay Manes, Senior Recruitment Specialist
Starting your career as a travel nurse takes a lot of preparation, and unfortunately it doesn’t stop with what to pack. You find yourself making a list of questions to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. You wonder how much will I get paid…what type of benefits will I get…where will I live…will the agency have a job for me at the end of this assignment? Just as you think you have nailed down all of the essentials, you start to realize that you also need to be prepared mentally. Having the right mindset as a traveler is essential and is the key to a successful contract. Here are 3 key mindsets that every traveler must learn to adopt when starting a travel nursing career.