quality assurance

our focus on quality

Randstad Healthcare is focused on providing only the best candidates to our clients, the kind of candidates who provide the patient care that our clients require. We have developed and maintained rigorous standards to ensure that quality is never compromised, and we hold our providers to the same level of service expectations. Our services are Joint Commission certified and compliant with the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations, National Association of Physician Recruiters, and National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations.

Randstad Healthcare has developed and maintained rigorous standards to ensure that quality is never compromised, and we hold our providers to the same level of service expectations.

If one of our contractors fails to meet expectations at any point, either clinically or professionally, we want to know about it. We value open forum discussion and honest feedback at all times, and will take immediate corrective action to address any deficient performance, unprofessional conduct, or communication concerns. Our Clinical Director, Melissa Knybel, who is also a Registered Nurse, is always on call for providers and clients and can be reached directly at 781-876-6492 or

Do you have any concerns about patient safety or the ethical care of patients?  You can contact the Joint Commission anonymously to file a complaint at 800-994-6610 or at

our hiring standards

Randstad Healthcare's high standards of quality allow us to provide clients with only the most qualified and trained healthcare professionals. We do this by adhering to one of the market’s most rigorous credentialing processes. Before a healthcare professional arrives at your facility they are required to complete a comprehensive orientation and onboarding process that includes training, background checks, and education and employment verification.

Hiring Practices
Randstad Healthcare's hiring standards include a minimum requirement of one year of recent experience in an acute care setting for all nurses, advanced practice, and allied health professionals, however, over 85 percent of our candidates have an average of 4-6 years of experience, or more. A large part of our screening process is focused on ensuring that the candidate is not only clinically sound, but that they also possess the flexibility to go into a new hospital environment with minimal orientation and adapt quickly to the policies and procedures around them. The right candidate must possess expertise in their area of specialty, as well as be the right cultural fit for our client. This is assessed through interviewing and extensive referencing. Competency is evaluated through a thorough skill set checklist, a complete review of prior work experience – including type and size of the healthcare facility – clinical evaluations, and specific skills assessment testing for nurses and allied health providers. Our referencing process seeks feedback on both clinical competency as well as behavioral and professional skill sets. Finally, our credentialing specialists will ensure the candidate has a recent criminal background check in place, an active and clear professional license, specialty certifications, annual training requirements, medical screening and immunizations, as well as any other pre-employment health screening or other documentation your facility requires.

our screening process

All of Randstad Healthcare’s candidates undergo rigorous screening to ensure that our clients receive the caliber of professional they demand. Since each of our clients have different needs, this process can be customized at your request.

Our screening procedures, which comply with Joint Commission guidelines, include:

  • In-depth phone interviews with each candidate, conducted by an experienced Randstad Healthcare Recruitment Specialist or Staffing Consultant.
  • Verification of academic credentials, certifications and licenses, and employment history conducted by an experienced Quality Assurance Coordinator or Verifications Specialist.
  • Criminal background investigations, which include national fraud database checks and other government sanction database checks (OIG/GSA/EPLS).
  • A minimum of two (2) current written and/or verbal references from most recent employers. References must be from supervisor/management figures and include validation of clinical and interpersonal skills. Additionally, we obtain an in-depth unit description that provides valuable insight into their daily roles and responsibilities.

Other Nursing, Advanced Practice, and Allied Health screening procedures include:

  • Completion of a comprehensive skills assessment, competency test and/or medication test.
  • Compilation of all necessary documentation as required by your facility, such as OSHA training, I-9 information and all related health screening, including a physical within one (1) year, a PPD within one (1) year, Hepatitis B titre or declination, MMR, varicella, and a ten (10) panel drug screen.