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2013 Travel Recruiter of the Year

As featured in the December 2013 edition of Healthcare Traveler Magazine

Congratulations to Amanda Belloff, Senior Recruitment Specialist at Randstad Healthcare for being named the 2013 Recruiter of the Year by Healthcare Traveler Magazine. This is an award nominated by travelers, and below is just one example of a nomination made by one of Amanda's travelers.

"I've been traveling since 2006. I've had a few recruiters that have been very nice but I have to say that Ms. Amanda Belloff by far has been the best recruiter that I've had the pleasure of working with. She genuinely cares about the individual that she is working with/for. I'm very blessed to have Amanda Belloff as my recruiter, may God continue to bless everything that she does.”

Want to know more about Amanda? Click here to watch Amanda's video.