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How to Build the Best Relationship with Your Nurse Recruiter

By:  Amanda Belloff, Senior Recruitment Specialist

What happens if you are out on the road, and you get stuck in a snow storm and can’t make it to your contract in time for your start date? Or what if you start your assignment and the staff is less than friendly and the hospital is in disarray? And what would you do if you were commended by one of your colleagues for a job well-done…would you want to share your experiences and praise with another person?

That someone should be your travel nurse Recruiter! One of the top reasons that a nurse stays with a travel company is because of the relationship with their recruiter. So, how do you get there? How do you build the best relationship with your nurse recruiter?

When you are first starting out, do your research! Ask other travel nurses for referrals, and if you can’t get one, then trust your gut. Work with a Recruiter that prides their self on customer service while also meeting your benefit criteria. Having a great relationship with your recruiter starts with the first phone call and builds upon itself in each call thereafter. The following are some key tips to keep in mind when working with your Recruiter:

Be honest – Let your Recruiter know who you are and what you want. Don’t be vague or evasive. Your recruiter can’t help you find a job if they don’t truly know who you are and what makes you tick.

Let your guard down – Don’t assume that a Recruiter is going to sabotage a job that you may potentially have with another company. Recruiters ask questions so that they can understand what else you have going on in your job search. A recruiter needs to have an idea as to where their travel nursing job stands amongst the competition. This can only potentially help you in the long run!

Open communication – Let your recruiter ask questions of you, and be sure to also ask questions of your recruiter. You cannot get to know one another if you do not ask questions. Find out more about each other!

Stay in touch – Don’t fade away without letting your Recruiter know where you are or what you are up to. If your Recruiter leaves a message or sends you an email, give them a response. The same should hold true on the other end too.

Open Up - Get a little personal. Not everything needs to be about business. Get to know one another a little bit. Ask your recruiter where they are from or where their family is located. Give your Recruiter some info about yourself too. For example, tell them about the best and worst experiences that you have had while on the road or tell them about your beloved pets or family. Make a connection with one another. Who knows, you may find out that you both like the same things or are from the same area of the country!

These tips seem rather obvious, but they are often overlooked. The easiest thing to remember is to follow the Golden Rule. Treat your Nurse Recruiter the same way that you want to be treated, and they will do the same. And trust your instincts. If you do not get a good feeling that this is a Recruiter that will support and help you throughout your career as a travel nurse, then move on and find someone that will. As with anything, there are good recruiters and bad ones, so be sure to do your research and start out right with building the best relationship with your nurse recruiter. You will always want someone to be there on the other end of the line!