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Opportunities In Crisis Nursing

We live in a world where disasters of epic proportions can, and will, occur. Whether it's in the form of an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, tornado, flood, forest fire, or some other man-made catastrophe, disasters of this magnitued often require the assistance of a Crisis Nurse, or also called Disaster Nurse, who volunteer their skills and services to help the wounded and suffering. Crisis Nurses work tirelessly, often in the poorest of conditions and without the best medical supplies, to do what they do best: save lives!

As a travel nurse, you have gained the skills that enable you to adapt very quickly to new environments and situations, and also have the flexibility to set your own schedule between assignments. If you are interested in volunteering your healthcare services to those in need, talk to your recruiter about how your agency may be able to support you in your mission.

In 2010, Randstad Healthcare (then Clinical One) sponsored travel nurse VJ Gibbins, a PICU RN from Canada, on a 10-day mission to Haiti to assist in the recovery following the January 2010 earthquake. Read about the work VJ did and how Randstad Healthcare was able to help him get to Haiti.
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